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The Rapid Road to Reading™ Learning Center is exclusively licensed to offer tutorial instruction based upon the Rapid Road to Reading™ comprehensive instructional reading program written by Jacqueline J. Dierks, MA and published by R G Seven Publishing, LLC. The Rapid Road to Reading™ program is a progressive series of thoughtfully designed lessons that promote mastery of essential reading skills through a versatile combination of evidence-based teaching practices.

  • Auditory Discrimination
  • Word Recognition
  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Conceptualization
  • Written Expression
  • Confidence Building

All tutors at the Rapid Road to Reading™ Learning Center have successfully completed training in the techniques used to properly implement the Rapid Road to Reading™ comprehensive instructional reading program. The facility includes several individual stations allowing each tutor the opportunity to provide private instruction in a setting where the student can focus on the specific lesson being presented. The openness of the facility provides a visual awareness of other students working in like stations with their tutors and serves to reassure the student and encourage his/her desire to achieve.

Tutor Area

The Rapid Road to Reading™ Learning Center encourages each student to learn at his/her own pace. There are no minimum contract requirements.


  • Serving Kindergarten through Middle School
  • One-to-one Personal Interaction
  • Organized, Sequential Approach
  • Lessons Tailored to the Individual Student
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Affordable Rates

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