“I am the grandmother of 8-year-old twins who were having severe reading problems. I tried many programs, but nothing helped and no one actually seemed to care. Then I found “Rapid Road to Reading” on the internet.

This is the best program because it actually helps! During the 21 hours of tutoring my granddaughters had over the summer, they went from barely reading 5 to 7 words per minute at the pre-primer level to reading approximately 63 words per minute at the 2nd grade level! The tutors at Rapid Road to Reading are very caring and helpful people who actually want children to learn to read.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone with children who are having problems reading. They (the tutors at Rapid Road to Reading) really will have them on the road to reading – rapidly!”

– Carla M. Ford


“Our experience with Rapid Road to Reading has been invaluable in so many ways. For one, our daughter, Anna, has gained such a love for reading! She used to struggle to pronounce each individual word, but she is now reading with greater comprehension, speed and ease.

The atmosphere is so fun and positive that Anna hardly realizes she’s working! She looks forward to her tutoring sessions and truly admires and respects the wonderfully talented teachers.”

– Pam Brown


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