Encouraging Good Study Habits

With each new school year always comes the cumbersome challenge to find a good balance between the school’s demands and the student’s participation in recreational activities.  It’s that sobering time when parents realize that the hours between the end of the school day and bedtime are limited, and how very much must be squeezed into a relatively short period of time.

Undoubtedly, it is during the early part of the school year that a family must find an organizational method of survival.  We offer just a few hints for handling busy schedules and hope these will provide some ideas for spelling “relief” in your household!

*  Make a monthly family calendar which highlights all activities and study time.  Add activities throughout the month and display the family calendar where all family members can review it.

*  Prepare a study area and time for each student without external distractions.  Explain to students that on a nightly basis, Sunday through Thursday, they will be expected to use their study area to complete assignments and make yourself available to monitor or assist your child/children during that time.

*  As much as possible, set consistent times for meals, baths, and bedtime.

*  Make it a point to contact the classroom teacher at least monthly to ensure that children are not behind.

*  Celebrate children’s good test scores, completion of homework within a reasonable time, and all positive news that they share about their school day!

*  Encourage children to be independent learners as much as possible and refrain from doing your children’s homework for them just to complete the task.  You are a coach, not the player!

*  Working parents should pay particular attention to the monthly calendar and be supportive of one another so that both parents are involved in the lives and education of their children.

*  Make it a point for quiet time in your home after the children retire for the evening so that parents also have time to share the events of their day and communicate with each other!  Parents need TLC through a busy school year, too!

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