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Jacqueline J. DierksJacqueline J. Dierks

Jacqueline J. Dierks, author of the “Rapid Road to Reading” comprehensive instructional reading program, is a veteran teacher of the public school system in Pueblo, Colorado.  She began her teaching career in a small private school in Canon City, Colorado after receiving her B.A. in Elementary Education in 1969 from Mount Marty College in Yankton, South Dakota.  The following year, she joined Pueblo School District #70 as a third grade teacher.  During her 30 years with the Pueblo district, she taught grades 1 through 9 and served as a Title I teacher for middle school students as well as a Literacy Specialist for grades 1 through 3.  Dierks also gained additional teaching experience while serving as a GED teacher for the Colorado Department of Corrections Women’s Facility in Pueblo, Colorado.

Dierks earned her M.A. in Elementary Education in 1980 from Adams State College, Alamosa, Colorado.  She was an active member of the Association of American Educators and of the National Education Association, and she served as president of the Pueblo County Teachers’ Association from 1979-1980.

A few years prior to her retirement from the public school district in Pueblo, Dierks established a private tutorial service where she, with a small group of dedicated teachers, began to identify and refine the most effective techniques for teaching reading to struggling students.  She later sold the tutoring service in Pueblo and moved to Kansas City, Missouri.  Drawing upon her 30 years experience in teaching and the insight she had gained with her private tutoring service, her formal studies dealing with reading instruction and strategies, and the use of various reading programs during her teaching tenure, Dierks spent several years developing and organizing the Rapid Road to Reading™ program.


DebbieDeborah Montgomery

Deborah A. Montgomery, a graduate of the University of Missouri with a B.A. in English Literature and an M.B.A. in Business Administration, is the owner of R.G. Seven Publishing, LLC.  Over the years, Montgomery has been employed in a variety of industries including entertainment, banking, investment management, public relations and marketing, and publishing.  As editor and publisher of the Rapid Road to Reading™ comprehensive instructional reading program, Montgomery’s attention became focused on literacy achievement statistics in American elementary schools and the need for effective supplemental reading programs.

The mother of four grown children, Montgomery had experienced her own personal frustrations in seeking solutions and appropriate educational materials to encourage a struggling student.  When approached with the idea of publishing Rapid Road to Reading™, Montgomery took a personal interest in the development of a program that would help students become better readers and thereby more successful students.  Montgomery worked with Ms. Dierks for two years organizing and expanding Dierks’ reading program.  Following the program’s publication, Montgomery encouraged Ms. Dierks to take the next step and join her in establishing the first Rapid Road to Reading™ learning center.

In October of 2010, the center opened for business at its current location.  Both Dierks and Montgomery actively tutor students at the learning center on a daily basis.  Several additional tutors have completed training in the methods of the Rapid Road to Reading program and work with Dierks and Montgomery at the learning center.

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